How HR Consulting differs from Internal HR

Multiple Clients

HR allowed for me to assist in managing up to 800 employees of an organisation within the HR team. Now I am supporting multiple SME’s around Australia to manage their team. Exposure to all HRM disciplines No day is ever the same as the last. Depending on the client and the task at hand, I can work on performance management, HR management, compliance and recruitment. The exposure available to me is immense and this exposure has allowed me to be a “sponge” and absorb all that the HR world has to offer. Multiple Industries As wattsnext is in the world of consulting, one minute I can be working on a client within the health industry, then engineering and even within the Not-For-Profit industry. It is so interesting to see how different organisations in different industries can have such similarities in the way they approach and implement their HR processes. The team is full of HR professionals Working within the wattsnext team has allowed me to be surrounded by an amazing group of HR professionals who have all supported and encouraged my learnings in HR. Each HR Strategist specialises in a different discipline of HR, which allows for me to enhance my skills by observing and learning from their abundant wealth of knowledge. – See more at:

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